4 Most Popular Architectural Styles in Pasadena

  • Colette Dornblum
  • 05/31/21

Pasadena is full of beautifully built homes, with styles rooted deeply in culture and history. These homes vary in style from simplistic residences to detailed structures. No matter what type of home you may choose, all of them contain both influences from the present and the past. Take a look at some of the most popular architectural styles in Pasadena. 

Craftsman Style

There are lots of Craftsman-style homes in Pasadena. In fact, there’s an entire neighborhood known as Bungalow Heaven. This style prevailed in Pasadena during the early twentieth century, and these impeccably well-built structures stand tall and proud still today. This style is so unique because of the incredible work of the artisans who used locally sourced materials to build these homes. Craftsman homes are created using lots of natural materials such as stone and wood. These homes are also smaller, so they don’t require as much maintenance. From pillars lining the entryway to double-hanging windows, it’s these small aesthetic details that bring the beauty of the late 19th century to Craftsman homes. As you pass through the expansive front porch and enter one of these homes, you will be met with lovely fireplaces, window seating, reading nooks, and built-in storage spaces. 

Spanish Revival

This Mediterranean style has an elegant yet rustic charm and has been popular in Southern California since the 1930s. Some key features of this style include spiral columns, beautiful arches, and decorative tile. The exterior consists of white, roughly textured stucco walls and ornamental ironwork that can be seen on the railings, gates, and wooden doors. These homes are topped with terracotta roof tiles, giving them a warm, earthy appearance. 

Mid-Century Modern

The increasing popularity of Mid-Century Modern homes has grown due to many different factors. Its timeless style and quality continue to impress home buyers today. This style is simplistic while still maintaining a vibrant feel. The architects of these homes use various materials and natural elements such as brick walls and wood panels to create a mid-century vibe. Flat or low-sloping gable roofs top these homes. 

Mission Revival

Mission Revival architecture blends well with Pasadena’s warm weather and ties into the area’s rich history. You’ll recognize this style by its stucco walls, low-pitched roofs, and clay-tile roofs. These breezy structures are perfect for the SoCal heat and are reminiscent of the area’s 18th-century missions.

Pasadena has a wide variety of home styles that can suit all preferences and tastes. If you are interested in purchasing your next home here, reach out to Colette Dornblum to visit Pasadena open houses today!




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